Thursday's Culture Program
Hotline: (0170) 115 28 36

Starting on February 25th, 2018
Back2theRoots Hip-Hop Jam Sessions - Open Stage!
Hosted by Leila A & Mr. J.a.k.o.b. 62
Hip-Hop artists from all over Berlin City & even from all over the world.

Back2theRoots wants to share with the world the music that lies in the hearts of Berliners.
The stories of real people in Berlin sharing real stories on these evenings through the words, the music and the Hip-Hop.

International Rappers and Rapperettes, Singers and Musicians are all invited to the session.
To those of you who just want to jam: Here is an opportunity for you to share your art by
performing on our stage. We invite you to do join us as an artist/performer. We truly are
open to all styles , all languages and certainly all cultures.

Before and after the show The Back2theRoots “Crew” are there to keep the groove.

Tell all your Hip-Hop friends about this cultural thing we are doing @ Madstop84.

Hip-Hop Special @ Madstop84

Hip-Hop is Culture reflected...

REAL Berlin Bands Concert Series 2018

(Click on flyer to see Facebook event)

15th of February, 2018 - 19th of April, 2018

(Click on flyer to see Facebook event)

Supporting and Promoting Berlin Bands Since 2009
On these evening , we will be presenting three Bands on each.
(Third Thursday of every month)

Starting February 1st, 2018
Madstop84 Opening Screening

Screening open to all independent film makers.

Hosted by Corbett Santana
Videographer since 1982

We want to support the local independent film makers.
To give them a place where they can screen their latest films to the
general public. The producer will have a chance to say a few words
before and after the film is screened. And after will be a short
discussion and we welcome feed back from the audience.

"Jam Session" Screening
On each of these evenings, there will a different theme.
After all of the
theme films have been screened, we will have what we
call a "Jam session" Screening. Where we would play
juat about any film submitted.

(Click on flyer to see Facebook event)
Each of these evenings we will have a different theme:

1st of February, 2018:
In the spirit of Black History Month, Films about how Black People have
had an positive effect on our planet and on our global societies.

(After theme films "Jam Session" Screening)

1st of March, 2018:
American Politics / anti-trump films.
(After theme films "Jam Session" Screening)

5th of April
, 2018:
Spring is coming and Summer Love Films.
(After theme films "Jam Session" Screening)

If you are interested in screening your of your creations, please contact us.
Send the name of your film(s) and a trailer, if one is available,
to our website: and on our Facebook page.
A Facebook event will be create for each evening and the information
on all the flim that are pre-registered will be posted there.
We are connected with Cinemarketing which is a media distributor and
places our events in various local print media sources.
The maximum length is 20 minutes. The film submitted and the content
that includes the music used must be the sole property of the submitter/producer.
(First Thursday of every month)